My wife and I spent our honeymoon last year in the US. We travelled through 14 states and it somehow felt like a pilgrimage. Sorry, there is no English version of this post right now. Stay tuned!


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It all started with coffee.

At least for Ben Hoyer. On a coffee plantation in Guatemala, he realized that he wanted to use the friendship with a local coffee grower to change his home town. What he wanted to plant in Orlando was more than just a fair trade coffee shop. He wanted to send a message

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Meanwhile in Orlando….

So I went to City Beautiful Church. There, I learnt how Moses is a little like Batman and what God has to do with idiots.

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Selfies with Jesus.

Besides Disney World and Universal, there is also this small Christian „amusement park“ in Orlando called „Holy Land Experience“. I went there and came back with more questions than answers. Sorry, the video is German only, but I took some pictures !

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