Christianity is a deeply narrative religion. Very often, it is impossible to separate ‚story‘ and ‚history‘. The history of God’s people in the Old Testament is composed out of countless individual stories. We only know about it, because they have been told and retold again and again – first by word of mouth, then in written word.

Jesus obviously worked in a similar way. He leaned on parables and allegories in order to link his experience of God and his mission with the life of his listeners. The first Christians in turn did not simply come up with a set of doctrines, but first and foremost told about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Through the centuries, the church did not only spread in time, but in different cultures and thus, always had to develop new styles of storytelling for her message. The early medieval lives of saints, the ‚biblia pauperum‘ in stained glass from the 14th century, the Jesuit drama catecheses from the counter reformation or the conversion reports in religious newspapers of the 19th century – they all tried to talk about faith through story.

This project is looking for innovative ways of pastoral storytelling in the US for the church in Germany.

On this website, some of the learning experiences are documented in a narrative way.
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